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The Hurt Locker

I was hesitant to see The Hurt Locker because I dislike war movies more than I do action. But with having a female director (Kathryn Bigelow) and winning best picture and best director at the Oscars I decided to give it a try. This review will be short, by the way, since the film’s message … Continue reading


On the cover of 2008’s Lymelife it says “Violently funny,” and “Laugh out loud funny.” That with the coupling of Alec Baldwin’s presence made me think, ‘Hey, this outta be good.’ This was NOT a comedy — it was a deep drama about betrayal, family issues, loss of innocence, etc. The moving revolves around two … Continue reading

Paranormal Activity 2

Around this time one year ago, I had just seen Paranormal Activity, after weeks of hype, and I left disappointed. I was expecting (or at least hoping) to be scared out of my seat. You can read my review of Paranormal Activity here. (As you’ll tell, my reviews have since gotten meatier). When I heard … Continue reading

The Killer Inside Me

The Killer Inside Me was a chilling, unforgiving and sometimes nauseating look at the sociopath mind of a serial killer. I went into the film very ignorant; I had no idea the film was going to be so disturbing. Casey Affleck’s portrayal of deputy sheriff Lou Ford will never have me looking at him the … Continue reading

Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D = unoriginal = lame = waste of money = disappointment = better off rewatching Jackass Number Two. I was super excited to see the new Jackass, because I thought the first two were hilarious. But I didn’t laugh out loud once. I winced maybe twice. Every stunt and scenario was old news and … Continue reading

Jon Landau at Miami University

As part of the Miami University Lecture Series, producer Jon Landau spoke at Miami University Monday, Oct. 11 about his experience with technologically advancing movies Titanic, Avatar and we can’t forget the classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It was great to listen to a producer speak because they are usually behind-the-scenes and aren’t very … Continue reading

He said/she said: The Social Network

I’ve started a new film endeavor with Eric Robinette, life and arts editor at Cox Media Group. He and I are major film fans and both review films. With The Social Network, beings our he said/she said co-reviews, in hopes of making our sites more intriguing. We’ll introduce each other’s unique perspectives into our review. … Continue reading

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