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He said/she said: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I’ve only seen most of the first Transformers movie, none of the second, and most recently the third, after much positive buzz. So I don’t know a ton on the background of the plot and Shia LaBeouf’s character Sam. That said, I really enjoyed this third installment. It was action packed with great visuals, had pretty good character development, and a couple twists that surprised me.

The film starts with some really cool scenes on the Moon in the 1960s with astronauts coming across a massive spaceship type thing with Transformers inside. Fast forward years to present day when Sam is struggling to get his first job and dealing with the ‘stress’ of having a hot girlfriend Carly (model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) making all the money. After nabbing his first job, Sam almost immediately finds a reason to slack off with the impending “end of the world” as the Decepticons try to defeat the Transformers and humankind. I loved the scenes with Washington, D.C. as the backdrop. It added to the historic moments of the film and use of JFK scenes.

The visuals of the Decepticons and Transformers were great. I enjoy taking in all the detail of the robots, I especially loved Sentinel Prime and his goatee. (Like I said I can’t comment a lot on plot depth compared to the other two). I liked the plot twists between the Decepticons and Transformers and using them against each other.

The romance between Sam and Carly while it felt authentic, was a waste of time. In the end you realize why it was necessary to move the plot forward. I will say the actress makes for good eye candy. Supporting roles filled by Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Patrick Dempsey, and Francis McDormand were some of the better parts of the film. I especially like the dynamic between Patrick Dempsey’s character, Carly’s hot, rich boss, and Sam. The machismo and competing egos were enough to make a girl swoon. Sir Critic says, “In the ‘adult’ roles, you have not one, not two, but three veterans of Coen Brothers movies: John Turturro, John Malkovich, and Frances McDormand, all having a high old time slumming it for you. I imagine Joel and Ethan must be giggling their butts off.”

Like Sir Critic says well, the film was TOO long. He says, “At two and a half hours, it’s too long by at least 30 minutes. I suppose you (director Michael Bay) were responding to complaints that the putrid second movie had too little personality in it, but you really ought to stop wasting your time with pathos. You’re not very good at it. When you attempt it, all that “emotion” seems silly and hollow. When the most touching relationship is between a boy and his car, it seems silly to aim for more than that.” Read his full review here.



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