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He said/she said: Tangled

Tangled is the story of Princess Rapunzel (Mandy Moore), snatched up by an evil, vain woman as a baby and trapped inside a tower for 18 years. Rapunzel has magic, healing hair which her kidnapper uses to stay young forever. By accident, Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi, lead on “Chuck”), a local thief, meets Rapunzel inside the tower and helps her on her journey to find her true identity.

Rapunzel is the original 1812 fairy tale from Germany. I remember reading the book as a child and I really enjoyed the Disney version. Of course, Disney just isn’t the same as it used to be, nothing can top The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and The Lion King. I really liked the imagery; animation now compared to the 1980s and 90s is definitely much crisper now. It might be that I’m 22 now, but the songs in this film weren’t as classic and memorable as ones like “A Whole New World” and “Just Around the River Bend.” Co-reviewer Eric Robinette shares the exact sentiment, “Tangled’s single greatest Achilles heel is its pedestrian song score, one of the least memorable Alan Menken has ever composed.”

Sir Critic definitely agrees that Disney just isn’t what it used to be, “Tangled is very much worth seeing. I recommend it highly. But in a number of ways, it’s a beautiful disappointment. No one should have expected it to stand alongside the triple crown of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. But except in fleeting moments, it’s not even as good as last year’s Disney movie, the criminally undervalued The Princess and the Frog.”Some memorable scenes is the film surround the people and things Rapunzel experiences for the first time once she’s out of the tower. Her chameleon sidekick (above) was such a cutie. I loved his little scenes. The Snuggly Duckling pub scene was really funny. The men are all scary and perverted looking but then once Rapunzel starts singing and twirling her perfect, if-real-would-be-gross hair all the grizzly men turn into sweethearts that help her along the road home.

Probably one of the best scenes was Rapunzel and Flynn realizing they like each other and all the floating lanterns and their reflections in the pond. It looked like such a beautiful, magical scene. A true Disney love moment, if only they’d kissed then instead of waiting so long. Robinette agrees, and began his review with, “Disney’s Tangled literally glows, particularly when our heroine Rapunzel, and our hero, Flynn are riding in a boat watching the launching of countless lanterns that float like luminous orbs around them. It is the single most magical, romantic scene in any Disney film since the ballroom dance in Beauty and the Beast.”

Mandy Moore was good as Rapunzel but her vocals weren’t as strong as I’ve heard in the past. I think a stronger leading lady would have added greatly to Rapunzel’s character. Mother Gothel, the evil woman, is voiced by Donna Murphy (The Nanny Diaries, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) and had a much more notable song with “Mother Knows Best.” I didn’t recognize the voices but other secondary characters were voiced by Ron Perlman, Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) and Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”). Robinette says of the characters, “Moore turned out to be an ideal choice for the role. I’ve always through Moore was an underrated talent, both as an actress and as a singer. The hero, voiced by Chuck’s Zachary Levi,  is dashing and witty. Rapunzel’s sidekick, a chameleon named Pascal, is silent, but visually hilarious.” Read his full review here.



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