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The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Alright, I think I’ve mustered up enough courage to tackle this film now. Let me just get out the last of my hebe jebes — ewewwewewewewewe!! — great. Now, I reallly liked this film. For me, it did everything I long for, and never get, in a horror or thriller. I want to be scared, I was to not get the film’s perverted images out of my head for days, and I want to have a slightly hard time falling asleep … at least temporarily. Those qualities just make me loove a film. Don’t judge me. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) was the perfect combination of funny, almost parodying typical scary films, and serious.

The film is directed by Tom Six, from the Netherlands. That’s probably why I liked it because Europeans always do horror better, i.e. Let the Right One in (Norway). The film is about a renowned surgeon Dr. Heiter who is known for the ability to separate conjoined twins. That’s where he gets the idea of joining mammals together, whether it’s dogs or humans he’s going to tackle it. But where’s he going to find his test subjects? Why in the dim-witted Lindsay and Jenny, American tourists, that is.

The two girls come into his cave of death unknowingly. They are drugged and before you know it connected together and to an Asian man by way of their gastric systems. Barf!!!! That’s all I’m saying about that.

The film was hard for me to watch at parts. It was graphic without even having to show much. It’s just such a scaring image for me once it hit my head, others might not mind it. But in a twisted way the film made me chuckle because of how plain crazy it was. The film got even more entertaining when Detectives arrive at his door. You know he’s doomed, but it’s just a matter of how long the mad scientist can keep the circus going.

I didn’t know any of the actors but they deserve recognition. Dieter Laser as the Doctor was as crazy and creepy as his real name sounds. He portrayed the epitome of a mad scientist. At times I felt sorry for him because he was very pathetic. He was so crazed that he would lick his own reflection and applaud himself. That was what scared me most in the film, a man so insane he can’t control his actions and sees no consequence in them. Actresses Ashley Williams and Ashlynn Yenni were pretty much interchangeable, neither of them really stuck out as quality actresses but their characters were very easy to  sympathize with, Obviously!



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