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The Switch

The Switch was a great escape from the typical rom-coms. The film was slow-moving at first but eventually picked up speed and really pulled me in. The film is more of a touching drama than anything else. It had its humorous moments but cracking jokes wasn’t the films main purpose. It mainly showed how everyday we have silly moments. The plot surrounds two best friends Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) and their quirky adventure into parenthood. Kassie is single and getting up there in terms of needing to have a baby. She hires a smart, sexy man Roland (Patrick Wilson) to be the sperm donor. Wally, bitter and drunk about Kassie not wanting his sperm, empties Roland’s cup and refills it with his own.

Fast forward seven years and Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), Kassie’s son, is the spitting image of Wally. The relationship between Wally and Sebastian was my favorite aspect of the film. It was so touching to see them together with so many similarities. It really tugged at my heart-strings because Wally had to delay the blossoming relationship between him and his son because he couldn’t find the right way to tell Kassie. Meanwhile, Kassie starts dating Roland, which leads Wally to admit what he did in order to halt Kassie and Roland’s relationship.

Aniston was so-so in the film. Her character’s flaws are what kept me from really enjoying her performance. You practically had to be blind not to tell instantly how much Wally loved Kassie. But yet Kassie seemed to be ignorant and flashed her relationship with Roland right in Wally’s face. By the time Wally and Kassie finally admitted their love to each other it felt forced and unromantic. I didn’t really feel it from them. As their relationship progressed and they finally became a perfect family they warmed up to me. Bateman is awesome as usual. He was the perfect actor to fill the nice/just manly enough character. Oh, and he’s super gorgeous. Wilson (Morning Glory) was surprisingly good playing the cocky yet charming character of Roland. I bet that was a fun role for Wilson to play because he could basically get away with being as egotistical as he wanted to, if just for¬† a little while.

The film is partially based off a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides, author of Virgin Suicides. So right away I knew the film was at least going to thoughtful and funny. Co-Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck are also responsible for Blades of Glory — it’s safe to say this was an upgrade. Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum were also notable in their supporting roles and best friends to each main character.



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