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He said/she said: Morning Glory

With this review will come the third installment of my he said/she said co-reviews with Eric Robinette, life and arts editor at Cox Media Group. His thoughts are splashed around the blog and his full review can be read here.

I was so excited to see Morning Glory, and it was way better than I thought it would be. The plot became increasingly interesting as the film went on and didn’t feel as stale as typical rom-coms. The film is about Becky, a 20-something TV producer who feels the sting that is unemployment. She takes the first job offer she gets at a subpar morning show. Becky proves herself to be successful and its the people around her that prohibit her until they finally kick it into gear too.

Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Hot Chicks) was perfect at playing the part of Becky. She was neurotic, intelligent and just sexy enough to catch the eye of CBS’ hottest night producer while breathing life into the network’s worst ranking show. Becky was a very realistic character for me to believe. She is fresh into the work force so she’s still really optimistic and eager about life. But all of her washed out co-workers Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford as Colleen and Mike, the anchors of the morning show, are bringing her down because they are sullen and burnt out.

Robinette agrees, adding, “Becky struggles initially, with most people telling her she’ll quit or be fired. Everyone else has. But she hits on a brainwave.”

I loved the relationship between Becky and Ford’s character Mike. He was so high strung about his reputation and being seen as a credible, legitimate reporter. Having been fired from his perfect evening news position and sinking to a morning show made him even more bitter than before. It was Becky that helped him appreciate life more and lighten up. Sir Critic agrees with how touching their relationship is, “The relationship between Becky and Mike is the heart of the picture. Ford and McAdams have great chemistry together. Their characters’ personalities are quite different, but both are devoted to being tops in their fields, and they bring out the best in each other.”

Keaton’s still got it going on, but certainly not the same as her Annie Hall days. The chemistry between her character and Ford’s was undeniable. Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy) played the love interest, and while he was dreamy, his character was weak and one-dimensional. I hated how he and Becky’s relationship went straight to sex and didn’t seem to have any depth. Ty Burrell (“Modern Family,” Dawn of the Dead) and Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) had small, memorable roles.

Robinette and I completely agreed with how unnecessary the romance was. He says, “The movie’s worst fault is that McKenna tries to shoehorn in a romance between Becky and one of her co-workers played by Patrick Wilson. It feels forced; it seems to be there just because these movies are “supposed” to have a “hot” romance.”

Director Roger Michell (Changing Lanes, Notting Hill) and writer Aline Brosh McKenna (Rules of Attraction, 27 Dresses, The Devil Wears Prada) are both well-known when it comes to their resumes, and together as a duo they delivered a well-paced, hilarious gem that stands out among the dime a dozen films being released as of late. The script was really strong and funny. Recent movies never make me laugh out loud, but this one did. It was great at showing the lighter, “fluffier” side of journalism mixed with the important, breaking news. I liked most of the movie taking place in the work area. It made it harder for characters to reveal their true selves because they had to act in a professional setting. But then they grew together like a family and were able to be informal and caring. I thought the mix of characters was awesome because you never know what kind of personality you will meet at a new job.



One thought on “He said/she said: Morning Glory

  1. Nice review Hannah. Morning Glory was surprisingly fun and enjoyable, really much more of a “com” than a “rom”. McAdams gives a wonderful performance, not her most challenging but certainly one of her most appealing so far.

    Check out my Morning Glory movie review if you are interested!

    Posted by Castor | November 21, 2010, 11:13 pm

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