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Megamind was a great tale of good versus evil, and good conquering evil while still sometimes indulging in being bad, you know because it’s fun to be bad, but gets lonely so good prevails.

From left to right (from above), Metro Man (a rugged-sounding Brad Pitt) since birth has been Mr. Popular, Teacher’s Pet and Hero. So of course he becomes the saver of all in Metro City. His worst enemy Megamind (Will Ferrel in blue) and his side-kick Minion (a hilarious David Cross) put all their energy into defeating Metro Man, which they do. Then they get bored and create Titan (Jonah Hill in orange) out of Metro Man’s DNA. Titan is meant to do good but it backfires and he tries to destroy the city. Megamind and reporter Roxanne (Tina Fey) help defeat Titan and everything ends happily.

I liked the amount of time spent with the character of Megamind. He was very complex but also very easy to identify with. He was a classic case of nature vs. nurture. He was raised by prisoners in a prison so he learned bad habits. It was the exact opposite for Metro Man who was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Then Megamind slowly gains a conscience and well, the story is typical enough you should know by now. The plot line spoke to today’s culture and how selfish and spoiled we are.

The animation of the film was very crisp and realistic, I mean for a cartoon. The character’s appearance matched their real-life voices. All of the actors were great at voicing their characters — they were all aware of their appearance and the nuances were spot on. Oh, and as a journalist I thought Roxanne was perfect at being a eager, nosy reporter.



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