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He said/she said: A Serious Man

This review of A Serious Man is another installment of the he said/she said co-reviews with Eric Robinette of Sir Critic’s Cinema. Yes, yes I know it’s from Ethan and Joel Coen and therefore it must be amazing, right? No. The film had some great moments but overall it was plain useless because there was very … Continue reading

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Alright, I think I’ve mustered up enough courage to tackle this film now. Let me just get out the last of my hebe jebes — ewewwewewewewewe!! — great. Now, I reallly liked this film. For me, it did everything I long for, and never get, in a horror or thriller. I want to be scared, … Continue reading

He said/she said: Love and Other Drugs

I was so hyped up to see Love and Other Drugs, but left the theater confused on whether or not I liked it — I loved the actors and the pharmaceutical side of it but the love side of it felt really forced at moments and the character flaws were old and tired. Maggie (Anne … Continue reading

The Gift

Sarcasm alert for all men:  Skip to paragraph 3, we know that’s why you’re here. For all you respectable viewers continue on.. 2000’s The Gift by Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Drag Me to Hell, Spider Mans) is a very quirky, dark way to tell the story of a mysterious murder, but I guess it … Continue reading

The Switch

The Switch was a great escape from the typical rom-coms. The film was slow-moving at first but eventually picked up speed and really pulled me in. The film is more of a touching drama than anything else. It had its humorous moments but cracking jokes wasn’t the films main purpose. It mainly showed how everyday … Continue reading

He said/she said: Morning Glory

With this review will come the third installment of my he said/she said co-reviews with Eric Robinette, life and arts editor at Cox Media Group. His thoughts are splashed around the blog and his full review can be read here. I was so excited to see Morning Glory, and it was way better than I … Continue reading

He said/she said: Alice in Wonderland

With this review comes the second installment of my he said/she said co-reviews with Eric Robinette, life and arts editor at Cox Media Group. You’ll find excerpts from his (very-opposing) review within mine, and to read his full review go to Sir Critic’s Cinema. I really enjoyed 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, the film has such … Continue reading


Megamind was a great tale of good versus evil, and good conquering evil while still sometimes indulging in being bad, you know because it’s fun to be bad, but gets lonely so good prevails. From left to right (from above), Metro Man (a rugged-sounding Brad Pitt) since birth has been Mr. Popular, Teacher’s Pet and … Continue reading

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