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The Proposal

The Proposal has an easy enough plot, “A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada,” (IMDb). The film is a typical romantic comedy, directed by Anne Flectcher who also did 27 Dresses and Step Up. But there was a little more substance underneath the fluff with main character Margaret (Sandra Bullock) being a very lonely person and losing all family at a young age. The film was funny but had its tear-jerking moments.

Sandra Bullock was awesome in this film. Lately, it seems people either love or hate Bullock and I don’t understand why. She’s a great actress, is gorgeous, funny and sweet. Which is why she did so well in this film, she had to play a character seemingly very unlike the real Sandra. Margaret Tate, the book editor, was such a wretched person (imagine Meryl Streep’s Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada). But as the movie progresses it becomes more clear why Margaret acts the way she does. On a side note, her wardrobe was awesome. Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends, Van Wilder) was good in this film, but did act really goofy, too goofy. I hate when actors over exaggerate their expressions to be funny instead of trying to act well. It wasn’t until the film’s second half that Reynolds’ character Andrew became more relate-able and sympathetic.

There were a lot of great actors in supporting roles. Betty White shined as Reynolds’ firey grandmother. I love seeing her in what she’s been doing recently because she makes old actors, fresh and young again. Malin Ackerman was sort of ‘blah’ in this film. Her character, Andrew’s ex-fiance, didn’t add anything to the film. She may have briefly been a threat to Margaret but the character was just unnecessary. Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers) didn’t shine as she normally does. Her character wasn’t very prominent in the film and when she was, the lines weren’t memorable. Craig T. Nelson though was a great character. He was funny and made the plot more complicated with his strained relationship with Andrew. Oscar Nunez (“The Office”) was pretty funny in the film. He played a character with about 10 different jobs. He was the local stripper, phone guy, etc.



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