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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

An entertaining yet highly unrealistic film can be found in 2009’s Beyond a Reasonable Doubt from Peter Hyams. The film is about C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe), a TV reporter who is sick of getting stuck covering mindless ‘news.’ His investigative reporting skills are being stifled. He starts investigating District Attorney Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) and his conniving ways when it comes to smudging evidence. Through C.J.’s research he falls in love with Hunter’s colleague Ella (Amber Tamblyn).

As the movie progressed the plot become more complex and layered. But there were too many layers and the big plot twist was just too much. I won’t say much because while the ending was lame it was still kind of interesting. The director seemed to have wanted to impress the viewer with how detailed he could be. I will say that the movie’s suspense was really good though. Douglas’ character was pretty scary at times when it came to how powerful he was. As well, I loved the chemistry between Metcalfe and Tamblyn. That’s why the ending disappointed me some, because I wanted them as a couple to succeed.

Of course the acting in this film is what made it worth not turning off. Douglas was great in this film and reminded me of his character in Wall Street — a selfish, corrupt man. Metcalfe (“Desperate Housewives”) was pretty good in the film, but he was terrible at channeling a reporter. Tamblyn (“Joan of Arcadia,” Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) shined in this film. She played a smart, sexy and confident attorney who followed her instincts.  I would recommend this film because it’s fun and has lots of twists but don’t expect a realistic portrayal of journalism.



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