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The September Issue

The September Issue was a great documentary for anyone interested in the fashion/magazine world. The film gives the viewer a peek into the lifestyle of Vogue editor Anna Wintour (above right). The fabulous fashionista is extremely outspoken and knows exactly what she wants. The movie chronicles a year’s worth of preparation for Vogue‘s biggest issue of the year, September.

I didn’t know much about Wintour before seeing this film and it definitely enlightened me on what sort of person she is. She is self-centered, controlling and doesn’t seem to take into account the opinions of others. This bias portrayal though was probably the goal of the filmmaker. While Wintour has downfalls, I can’t blame her. A person with power, no matter what gender, is bound to have a large ego.

I really liked learning about Grace Coddington (above left), an editor at the magazine. She was a model years ago and worked her way up the totem pole. She really seemed to be the brains behind the magazine. She was just a lovely person who had a taste for older times. It’s mentioned in the film that Grace and Anna started working at the magazine on the same day. It would be awesome to see what the paper would be like if she had gotten Anna’s job. Both women had pros and cons when it came to running the magazine. Getting an insider view of the fashion world was great for someone like me that will never be near it. It was good to get a glimpse but it’s so shallow I would hate to work in it.



One thought on “The September Issue

  1. Loved the film! I agree about Anna Wintour she is tough but puts out a good product. But I don’t know if everyone in the fashion industry needs to care about her opinion as much. Grace is a genius when it comes to editorial shoots. Love it.

    Posted by PattyJ | August 27, 2010, 8:38 pm

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