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Last night I watched Obsessed from 2009. The film directed by Steve Shill played out exactly like a predictable Lifetime movie. I mainly wanted to see how terrible Beyonce Knowles would be in a large role (yes, it was bad) and how psycho Ali Larter could pretend to be.

The film is about Derek and Sharon Charles, a happily married couple with a child. Derek has an extremely well-paying job as vice president of a big company. The family just moved into a new (huge) house and everything’s perfect. A new temporary worker at Derek’s company starts working. Her name is Lisa, played by Larter, and is very tempting for Derek because she’s a dime. As the title suggests, Lisa becomes obsessed with Derek and wants to eliminate Sharon so she can become part of his family.

First off, it was completely unrealistic that Ali Larter would need to go ape-shit on someone in order to get their ‘love.’ Maybe a more mousy actress would have been more realistic. There was absolutely no motivation revealed for why Lisa was psycho. She could have had any guy. But I guess that’s the point, with people who are psycho there’s usually no explanation that makes sense. Larter was really good at playing a hardcore psycho chick. She scared me.

Beyonce could have been a good actress in this film but she just over-acted. I did like the chemistry that her and Derek, played by Idris Elba, had together. It was occasionally hard to watch as Lisa slowly unravelled their marriage. Luckily, they were able to overcome it. Jerry O’Connell had a small role but wasn’t memorable.

Overall, this movie is for chicks. If you like Lifetime movies, you’ll love this. Otherwise, don’t watch it.



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