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The Pleasure of Being Robbed

This will be VERY short because the film The Pleasure of Being Robbed isn’t worth much mention. I’m really only writing this to maybe save someone from the disappointing film. Joshua Safdie’s 2008 film is about a young woman named Eleonore who lives in New York. She has a nice apartment but no apparent job or hobbies, other than roaming the city stealing random things, i.e. a bag of kittens, grapes, a car. There was very little dialogue in the film, with only a little interaction between Eleonore and other bum-types.

The film is most likely about the aimless lifestyle of a lot of 20-something-year-old ‘hipsters.’ But it was just a boring 70 minutes. It’s slated as a comedy but nothing was funny about it. I think there could have been a more effective way to explore the life of young people. I really wouldn’t waste the time with this film because it lacked depth and any real point.



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