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Let the Right One In

I recently watched the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In from 2008. It was a down-right awesome vampire movie. It surrounds a 12-year-old girl named Eli that became a vampire long ago. Though she is a vampire, she is kind, intelligent and likeable. Eli is a nomad alongside what we first think is her father. He does all the dirty work when it comes to bringing the her blood. But usually he ends up messing something up and she has to take initiative.

On one of their many re-locations, Eli meets Oskar, a young boy who is a loner just like her. The two become fast friends. All the while Eli is still slaughtering people all over town. The ending is sweet. Much more detail from me would give away the fun of the movie. What I loved about the Eli and Oskar friendship was the way in which Oskar caught onto why Eli was as mysterious as she was. Rightfully, Oskar was scared at first but like the viewer comes to trust and like Eli, thus the film’s title.

What I loved best about the movie was the portrayal of the vampires. Pretty much all the stereotypes were present and played out in a great way. Whether it was vampires bursting into flames from the sun, or their heads starting to bleed when they entered a house uninvited, the movie went beyond just mentioning stereotypes but actually showed what happens, and what they look like. The movie had many creepy moments and the colors used were dark enough that the entire film was very atmospheric.

Sadly, an American version of the film is being made for this year. Why is it so hard for filmmakers to be original anymore? I think we’ve remade enough movies, and adapted enough books to last us the rest of mankind. Anyway, the American version will be called Let Me In. It’s being directed by Matt Reeves, who directed Cloverfield. Kodi Smit-McPhee is cast as Owen, or the Oskar character. Smit-McPhee played the boy in The Road, and will be able to fulfill that pale, loner character perfectly. Chloe Moretz, who I just saw in Kick-Ass, will play Abby, the vampire girl. I’m kind of excited to see her play this role because I think she’s capable of great things. Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) will also be in the film.



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