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Mulholland Dr.

David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. is quite the movie. It’s a bit of a mind-F but in the best possible way. I’ve seen this movie about four times now, the most recent being at the Gateway Film Center. I think I must have been too young before to comprehend the plot because after this viewing I … Continue reading

Requiem for a Dream

I went to see 2000’s Requiem for a Dream at Gateway Film Center. It was my first time seeing the film in about 7 years, so it was like watching it anew. The film surrounds four individuals– a mother, her son, his girlfriend and their buddy– as they spiral into drug addiction. Ellen Burstyn plays Sara … Continue reading

The Runaways

2010’s The Runaways directed by Floria Sigismondi was a bad-ass portrayal of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie as they met, started the girl band The Runaways and experienced the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that until then had been mainly reserved for men. The film gave great background into how the band was formed and who the people behind the … Continue reading

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