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What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath from 2000 is a really effective thriller and mystery that keeps the viewer on their toes. New twists and turns come about up until the very end when resolution for the main character Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) is finally reached. 

The film is about Claire and Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford). They are a happy husband and wife who just sent their daughter away to college. Norman is a successful scientist and Claire is left at home to fill her day by looking through old pictures and spying on the neighbors. A year earlier, Claire was in a terrible car accident and has started to see things/hear voices. She’s convinced there’s a ghost in her house. Without revealing too much, it turns out to be the ghost of a woman that disappeared. She’s played by Amber Valletta and the character is one that Norman pissed off in the past. 

The atmosphere in the film was very creepy/eerie. The foggy bathroom scene was used a lot in the film but it didn’t become tired. The movie’s setting was beautiful. The Spencer house was huge and antique looking. The lake scene was used a couple of times in the film and added a creepy factor. The director Robert Zemeckis did a great job at throwing the viewer/characters for a loop by developing a certain part of the plot solely as a way to trick the viewer. We thought the ghost was one person and that ended up being completely wrong. I really liked how the storyline slowly came together and if you were a conscientious viewer you could piece together what really happened. 

Zemeckis has quite the track record. He’s written all of the Back to the Future movies, and directed Cast Away, Beowulf, Forrest Gump and the Back to the Future films. He certainly knows what elements are important in a film and he knows how to emphasize them. Interestingly enough, the film was written by Clark Gregg, the actor from Iron Man 2, Choke and When a Stranger Calls. Harrison Ford was very good in the film. He had a way of pulling the viewer in and getting us on his side before we were deceived by his character. Pfeiffer has always been a great actress in my book and she consistently proves to be more than just a hot blonde.



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