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2008’s Trucker was a very thoughtful, sad, funny and smart film. The movie was written and directed by James Mottern. He’s still fairly up-and-coming and I expect big things from him. The plot surrounds a female truck driver named Diane (Michelle Monaghan) who leads a lonely, unfulfilled life. She is forced to take care of her son Peter (Jimmy Bennett) again after the father becomes ill from cancer. Their relationship starts very rocky but eventually they both come to terms with each other.

Another side storyline was a blossoming relationship between Diane and her neighbor Runner (Nathan Fillion). They are both pretty much depressed alcoholics. Having that in common they confide in each other but Runner is married which makes it difficult. Their relationship felt really natural and it was relatable because the viewer could genuinely tell they would be good for each other. Fillion is recognizable from Slither and “Desperate Housewives” and he’s amazing to watch because of how absolutely drop dead sexy he is!

Benjamin Bratt and Joey Lauren Adams had small roles as Peter’s father and step-mother. They were such small roles that it was unfortunate such good actors fulfilled those roles. It seemed a waste of talent. Monaghan from Made of Honor and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was such a perfect fit for the role. It was great to see her play a more gritty character and she really embraced it. She was extremely convincing as an angry, worn-out woman. Seeing her transformation from a selfish, independent woman to a selfless, loving mother was realistic and true to life. Trying to avoid responsibility is an honest human foible and it’s the courage to face those responsibilities that Monaghan really portrayed. The young actor that played Peter has been in a surprisingly large number of films including Evan Almighty and The Amityville Horror. He did a good job portraying the angst that comes with neglectful parents and no continuous home.



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