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The Crazies

I watched The Crazies last night, and I loved everything about it! The action was well-paced and increased in a realistic way as the plot progressed. The movie is about a small town in Iowa whose water becomes contaminated. As more and more people drink the water they basically go insane and become killers. There is no sense to their actions and they can’t be calmed down.

David and Judy Dutton (Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell) are the main characters. The husband and wife are the town sheriff and doctor. They are the two most level-headed and intelligent characters in this movie. After they catch on about the contaminated water, David cuts off the water supply. The army barges in to the town and evacuates everyone. Turns out they are to blame for the chemical water and plan to bomb destroy the entire town and its people.

The drama in the film as characters begin to go insane was very tense. I liked seeing the characters slowly go crazy rather than just full on crazy at first. It made it more realistic because the contaminated water slowly affected people. The fact that the disease did not make the townspeople into zombies or monsters was even more scary because they were still regular people. The downfall of the town really took a toll on its residents. Having to see all your friends and family killed/killing each other would be incredibly difficult to deal with and the actors portrayed that pain accurately.

Olyphant (“Justified”) is a great actor and played the hero role very well in this film. His character was honorable, smart and brave. He could have ditched out on the town but risked his life to get his wife back. Mitchell (Silent Hill, Feast of Love) also portrayed a very heroic role. Joe Anderson (The Ruins, Across the Universe) played Russell the deputy sheriff. He was an interesting character because he was very loyal to the sheriff but eventually turned as he became infected. The other recognizable actor was Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th, Mom at Sixteen). She played a young teen in the movie who witnesses her boyfriend killed by the army. Her character was also brave and it was easy to relate to her. The film is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 film of the same name. Breck Eisner directed this version and the only other popular thing he directed was Sahara. If you want to see a realistic, tense thriller check out this film!



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