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Last night I revisited Doug Liman’s 1999 film Go. Liman has a great track record including Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Bourne Identity and Jumper. Go is a fun film surrounding the adventures of three friends/co-workers on Christmas Eve night in Los Angeles. The film is mainly about a drug deal gone bad and the viewer gets to see it from three different points of view. I can’t help but think a little that Liman was influenced by Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, i.e. gun in car scene.

Ronna (Sarah Polley) is the main character. She’s a grocery clerk trying to pull together enough money for her rent. When the opportunity to make quick cash from a drug deal comes her way she’s takes the offer. After realizing her customers Adam (Scott Wolf) and Zack (Jay Mohr) are working for the cops she ditches them and the drugs. Ronna and her friends Claire (Katie Holmes) and Mannie (Nathan Bexton) sell aspirin as X at a rave in order to make money. The main drug dealer Todd (Timothy Olyphant) is screwed over by Ronna because she owes him money. He goes out seeking revenge but never really gets it.

The film switches points of view and you see it from Adam and Zack’s eyes. Once arrested for possession of drugs, they are now working undercover for the cops. Burke (William Fichtner) is the creepy cop who makes Adam and Zack have Christmas dinner at his house after the failed drug deal. The third scenario surrounds Simon, another co-worker of Ronna’s who goes to Las Vegas for a trip. Him and his friends, including Taye Diggs and Breckin Meyer (Clueless), get into all types of trouble with stealing cars, shooting people and harassing strippers.

So as you can see this film is packed with connected characters/storylines. There was a ton of action but it was easy to follow along because of how each character was introduced and smooth transitions. All of the drug scenes in the film were really realistic, whether it was whip-its, ecstasy or weed. It was really fun for the viewer to follow around a bunch of young characters while they’re partying and dealing with adult situations (however unrealistic they are). Overall the movie had tons of hilarious moments and dialogue. And any movie that includes No Doubt (best band ever) in their soundtrack has my vote!

There was a great ensemble cast. Polley (Dawn of the Dead) is a fun actress to watch because she always does a great job becoming the character fully. Her character was sweet while still having a snarky attitude. Holmes was also good in this film but her character was really minor, she didn’t even have that many speaking lines. Mohr (200 Cigarettes) and Wolf (“Party of Five”) were good characters that worked well together. Even though it was a small role, Olyphant (“Deadwood,” The Crazies) was a great drug dealer. He’s great to watch in all his roles.



2 thoughts on “Go

  1. Fun review. What I meant about the Tarintino Pulp Fiction reference was that shit kept going bad and then comically (every so slightly) worked out, even when you thought it wouldn’t, like when what’s her face got hit by the car. Also, the whole perspective approach to telling the story and of course ending in a diner. And seconded to the great soundtrack.

    Also, even though I haven’t and won’t see Sex in the city 2, your review pretty much told me what I already knew/assumed (did she hook up with Aidan?) So thanks for going to bat to see that one.

    Posted by Gavin | June 1, 2010, 9:34 pm

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