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Hot Tub Time Machine

Tonight I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I thought it was funny but it’s the type of movie I would have liked a lot better in theaters with a big group of people. It definitely had laugh out loud moments from beginning to end but some parts of the plot felt forced.

The movie is about a group of three good friends who have drifted apart as they age. Adam (John Cusack) and Lou (Rob Corddry) are both depressed and either divorced or dumped by their girlfriends. Nick (Craig Robinson, “The Office”) is also kind of depressed because his girlfriend cheated on him. Jacob (Clark Duke from “Greek”) is Adam’s nephew and comes along as all three go on a nostalgic skiing trip. During a drunken night in a hot tub the men end up back in 1986.

There were a lot of really funny moments once the guys were back in the 1980s because of the extreme differences to today’s styles, music, trends, etc. Funny moments like people using cassette tapes and Michael Jackson still being black. Director Steve Pink (Accepted) did a great job incorporating everything 80s into the atmosphere. The writers have also collaborated on films like She’s Out of My League. Small roles were filled by Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover (Back to the Future), Lizzy Caplan (“True Blood”) and Collette Wolfe (Four Christmases, 17 Again). The cast was great together and all the characters were funny. Robinson was definitely the funniest character. I hope he continues to get great comedic roles because he is hilarious to watch because of all of his nuances and dry humor.



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