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The Collector


Last night I was really in the mood for good scary movies. So I rented The Collector (which was weird but okay) and Autumn (so bad it was off within 15 minutes). So sadly my horror movie binge was unsuccessful. The Collector was gorey and made me cringe a lot which is hard to do. 

The underlying plot is about a man only known as the Collector. He kills people in a very manipulated, thought-out way. But he always keeps one of his victims from each family and puts them in a red box. That red box, with victim in tow, accompanies him to each new murder site. Now that doesn’t really make sense, overall it was a stupid part of the plot. But basically the guy collects people and kills the others he doesn’t want.

In steps Arkin (Josh Stewart), an average joe working as an exterminator. In order to get some fast cash he decides to rob the family he’s currently working for. On the chosen night the family is supposed to be on vacation, Arkin breaks in but soon realizes he’s not alone. The collector is torturing the family and has extensively booby-trapped the house and rigged it with all sorts of murderous weapons.

The viewer quickly sympathizes with Arkin, although he was originally a bad guy who wanted to rob a wealthy family. But his intentions were good because he was trying to provide for his family. When the shit hits the fan during the robbery, Arkin stays to help the wounded family members instead of just bailing. He definitely becomes a hero. The ending is not suprising but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch. Stewart (“Criminal Minds” and “Dirt”) fulfilled this role very well.

The torture scenes were definitely gross but they were overused. I’ve never seen so many fish hooks of varying size in a movie. I would have liked if more suspenseful scenes were used because the ones in the movie were extremely effective. As soon as Arkin realized a killer was in the house it was a cat and mouse game to see who would conquer the other.

The film was directed by Marcus Dunstan and partially written by him as well. He’s written Saw IV-VII, and Feast so he is definitely familiar with horror and gore. I think that’s why this film so heavily relied on gore because he’s hesitant to move away from that into more suspense driven scenes. But he has potential to get away from the Saw genre.



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