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The Men Who Stare at Goats

After some hesitation I finally watched The Men Who Stare at Goats directed by Grant Heslov, who has an impressive resume. The film was really sharp, witty and hilarious. To me, it was the type of movie you have to pay good attention to because of all the nuances and dry humor moments.

The plot surrounds the U.S. Army’s New Earth Army of Jedi warriors, a wing of the army dedicated to psychics and mind powers. Bob (Ewan McGregor) a reporter in Iraq meets Lyn (George Clooney), a former member of the New Earth Army. The two become pretty good friends as Lyn retells his pastimes in the army and adventures he’s come across from it. Jeff Bridges plays Bill, the former leader of the New Earth Army and was hysterical. Bridges was basically able to play his Lebowski role again because he just acted like a hippie stoner that had Jedi powers. Kevin Spacey and Stephen Lang had good supporting roles.

I really liked the parts of the film where the viewer got back story on Lyn, Bill and their psychic training. It was so funny because of how ludicrous it was compared to regular army training. I really liked the dynamic between Clooney and McGregor’s characters. Clooney shined in this movie, his character was so funny because of how enthralled he was with being a Jedi warrior. McGregor’s character was really intrigued by the New Earth Army and without revealing too much, I loved the intuitive and eventual connection he had to the army. It was interesting to see how a wing of the army would pan out if it was indeed made up of psychics. The tone of the movie reminded me a lot of Burn After Reading because it was very witty. There were some great memorable lines in this film, such as “We must be the first superpower to create super powers.”



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