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Since graduating college I’ve been trying to relax as much as possible. This involves watching TV movies in bed. I came across Duplex recently and it managed to keep my attention the entire time. The film does feel redundant and is not laugh-out-loud funny at any moment, which is disappointing since it was directed by Danny DeVito.

The 2003 movie is about a presumably newly married couple Alex and Nancy (Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore) who buy their first duplex in New York. The apartment is beautiful and everything couldn’t be better about the location, cost, etc. Everything seems to be working out until they realize the loud, grumpy, old woman tenant they have upstairs is hard to control. The old woman, Mrs. Connelly, is the most annoying, time-sucking tenant possible. The quirks and annoyances the old lady has are true to life when it comes to annoying roommates.

The entire movie is spent with the old woman terrorizing the lives of Alex and Nancy. The young couple eventually decide to take extreme measures and try to kill the old lady. The viewer can really sympathize with the main characters because every facet of their lives is interrupted by their tenant whether it is having sex, sleeping, trying to work, or relaxing. Let’s just say that plan doesn’t work out and there’s a very interesting plot twist at the end!! I liked being thrown for a loop and not predicting it at all. The acting by Stiller and Barrymore was adequate, but not that stellar. It was an average movie with average characters, they just happened to be played by really good actors.



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