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A Nightmare on Elm Street

A few days ago I saw the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I enjoyed every moment of the film! For not being a fan of the original 1984 film (sorry, too young to appreciate), I was surprised by how much I liked this version directed by Samuel Bayer.

The plot is about a group of teenagers haunted in their dreams by a creepy, knives-for-fingers man who is trying to kill them. One by one, the friends die off because they are killed in their sleep. The remaining characters fight for their lives against Freddy the killer, the need for sleep and their lying parents. It’s a pretty straightforward plotline. There is a lot of use of flashback in this film that reveals bit by bit what is going on with Freddy and his motives. I loved these parts probably the most because they developed the characters more and allowed for some plot twists.

The acting was pretty good throughout the film. Rooney Mara (Youth in Revolt) plays the main character. She is the main figure in figuring out who Freddy really is and attempting to defeat him. Her character was very realistic in terms of suppressed memories and summoning enough courage. Katie Cassidy (“Melrose Place,” “Supernatural”) played one of the tormented teenagers and did a great job. And men, she’s very easy on the eyes. The other main characters were played by Kyle Gallner, Thomas Dekker and Kellan Lutz. They’ve been in a lot of TV shows and films but I didn’t recognize them. They did fairly well, if anything over-acted just a tad.

I really liked the imagery and creep-factor within the film. Freddy Krueger played by Jackie Earle Haley was very scary. He was hideously burned but intriguing to look at. His character’s back story makes him anything but redeemable. Haley has been in a lot of films (Little Children, Shutter Island, Semi-Pro) and although his face was covered by makeup in this film he still managed to shine through that and be a very convincing villan. I have been told that the remake is not as creepy as the original but I can only go off this film, and rarely do films make me jump … and this one did!



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