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Half Baked

On the lovely holiday that is 4/20, I celebrated by watching 1998’s Half Baked. This was my first viewing of the film and to say the least, it rocked!!

As you may suspect, the film is about four best friends who bonded as young boys through smoking marijuana. They grow up and as adults they are still stoners. One friend Kenny (Harland Williams) is arrested after killing a cop … a horse cop that is. The three remaining friends work together to raise money to get Kenny out of jail. They steal loads of marijuana and sell it in order to raise the money. A lot of hijinks and adventures ensue!

Dave Chappelle is the main character. He is as funny as ever in this movie. There’s a side plot about Thurgood, played by Chappelle, trying to hookup with a hot woman he meets named Mary Jane Potman (Rachel True). He lies to her about quitting smoking pot and eventually gets caught in his lies. Eventually he does seem genuine in his promises to stop smoking.

One thing I loved about this movie was it basically was a tutorial for people if they had never smoked weed before. There would be lots of little moments in the film where they movie would be interrupted by a fact being shown on the screen or the character saying something like, “Marijuana affects your memory,” and then continuing with the scene. Those moments were really funny.

Basically it’s a funny movie and anyone with an open mind and sense of humor would enjoy, especially those that can pick up on the inside jokes!



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