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The Big Lebowski

Last night  I watched the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski for the first time in six or so years. I remembered aspects of it, but it was like watching it for the first time. I thought it was a hilarious movie, it was definitely better the second time around.

The movie is about the Dude Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), an unemployed stoner. After a case of mistaken identity the Dude finds himself on an adventure. He acts as courier for the ransom of a kidnapping, tries to keep alive as people threaten his life, gets his car stolen and continues leading his bowling team at the same time. All while high.

The dude meets a slew of strange characters including a millionaire named Lebowski, Lebowksi’s skanky gold-digging wife played by of course Tara Reid, and Lebowski’s neurotic assistant played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. The dude’s best friends are played by Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. Besides Bridges’ great performance, Goodman was a standout actor in this movie. He plays a man obsessed with the Vietnam War. He pretends to be a veteran and can’t seem to keep faux Vietnam experiences out of any conversation. He’s really hardcore and thinks he is in the midst of a war, that was really humorous. Julianne Moore plays the rich Lebowski’s daughter. Her character was pretty flat and didn’t really standout. John Turturro had a small role as a superb bowler named Jesus, that was funny!

It’s hard to think this movie is 12 years old since there are so many references still made to this movie. There were some surreal moments in the movie that put the viewer in the mindset of the stoned Dude. Overall the movie had really funny moments, but there were some odd moments. But would you expect anything less from the Coen brothers (Burn After Reading, No Country for Old Men, Fargo).




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