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I watched 2009’s Carriers recently and it was surprisingly good. For a random pick at the store it turned out being well cast and well acted. The movie is about a disease going around that has basically infected or killed the majority of people. There is a group of four friends traveling just trying to stay healthy and clean.

Brian and Danny (Chris Pine, Lou Taylor Pucci) are brothers who watched their parents become infected in die from the disease. So, they had to grow up fast and fend for themselves. Bobby (Piper Perabo) is Brian’s girlfriend. Lastly, Kate (Emily VanCamp) is a random chick that tags along with them.

To me, Brian was the most relatable. He was smart (for the most part) and knew not to get attached to anyone because more likely than not they will end up infected. This made him seem like an asshole, but I can totally understand where he’s coming from, in not wanting to get hurt in the long run. Also, trust was an issue in this movie, because characters would lie that they weren’t infected, just further putting the group at risk. It annoyed me how just how willing the characters were at helping the infected. Yes, they (were) people at one point, but they are doomed to die. So why put yourself and your loved ones in danger? That was a main theme in the movie because the characters remember the time before the infections started.

The acting was definitely really good. I’ve been a big fan of Perabo since Coyote Ugly and pretty much anything I see her in is good. Pine of course was great in Star Trek and has been in others like Bottle Shock and Smokin’ Aces. I recognized VanCamp from the good old days of “Everwood.” Christopher Meloni also had a role in this movie, and it’s always a pleasure to see him because he’s a great actor. In this flick, his daughter is infected so he has to deal with the hardship of helping her and not finding really receptive help.

Overall it was a good disease/thriller movie. I would say it’s one of the better infection movies I have seen. I liked the makeup used for as the people got progressively more and more infected. It was really disgusting!



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