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After seeing the trailer back in 2009 I was really excited to see the documentary Outrage. I absolutely love documentaries because usually they leave me feeling like I have acquired a bit of knowledge I didn’t have before. With Outrage I was sorely disappointed.

The film is about the lives of closeted gay politicians. And while it’s obvious it must occur, the way the film went about portraying this was completely biased and as far from being objective as possible. The movie railed Republicans while rarely mentioning or defaming Democrats. A lot of the cases mentioned in the film, whether it was Larry Craig (R-Idaho) or Charlie Crist (R-Florida) all relied on hearsay and not a lot of solid facts. Another thing that really ticked me off, was all of the gay people interviewed in the movie pretty much demonized being in the closet. Who cares if some politicians are closeted and vote how their constituents do? A lot of the movie was spent focusing on the people who out closeted people. No one has the right to out someone’s sexuality except that person.

The movie was written and directed by Kirby Dick and reminded me of Michael Moore’s documentaries: A way to get your own agenda across while not really informing the public of anything useful. The film just seemed very backwards to me. Gay people struggle for acceptance but yet in this movie it was clear a lot of the gay people interviewed don’t accpet closeted politicians, they are people too.



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