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Brooklyn’s Finest

Went to see Brooklyn’s Finest today and it was pretty good overall. The movie relied heavily on stereotypes though, which made it feel unoriginal. The movie was entertaining though because of the interlacing storytelling and a small level of suspense.

There are three stories within the film, all about Brooklyn police officers. Eddie (Richard Gere) is a week away from retirement. He’s separated from his wife and really depressed. As a cop, Eddie is a underachiever. If he’s not on duty or in his precinct he basically doesn’t care a bit about the illegal things he sees going on around him. It’s after the character gets turned down by a prostitute and abandoned by coworkers that he realizes being a dick isn’t the best route in life (I should take note). Despite his pitfalls Eddie was my favorite character, probably because his outlook on life was similar to mine. Next, Tango (Don Cheadle) is an undercover cop knee-deep in drug deals and drive-bys. He strives to get a promotion and change his lifestyle and that’s about the extent of his character. Lastly, Sal (Ethan Hawke) is struggling to gather funds to move his family into a new house. His wife played by Lily Taylor is expecting twins, on top of the what seems like 20 kids they already have. To help get money, he steals drug money from drug raids. His character’s motives were noble and it was easy to empathize with him. The ending I won’t even mention because well, that would be mean.

There was definitely a lot going on in this film plot wise. So many different themes (family, loneliness, drug use, justice, etc.) were touched on in this film. Also, as you can tell already there were a lot of big name stars in this film. Gere delivered as always. Same goes for Hawke and Cheadle. They were all great at showing their character’s flaws while also making the viewer connect and feel sorry for them. Wesley Snipes, Brian F. O’Byrne and Ellen Barkin had supporting roles. The film was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who has directed the likes of Training Day, Shooter and King Arthur. So he has a lot of experience with the grim, crime-type movies.



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