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The Invention of Lying

I’ve been lucky lately … every movie I’ve watched has been wonderful!! I had wanted to see The Invention of Lying since I first saw the trailer months ago. I finally watched it today and it was so clever, witty and poked fun at a lot of the common trends and themes encountered in daily life.

The movie takes place in an ordinary town in which no one lies. Actually no where in the world has anyone ever lied, they just go around being blunt and open. First off, I wish we lived in that world, I’d be in heaven. Anyway, the main character Mark (Ricky Gervais) tells the world’s first lie. He’s ecstatic because now he pretty much has people in the palm of his hand because they believe everything he says. There’s also a side plot because he meets a girl named Anna (Jennifer Garner) and falls in love (of course).

The main plot brings about tons of opportunities for humorous scenarios. And trust me, there were so many funny moments. I was laughing a lot. But a lot of greater themes were touched on, such as how materialistic and obsessed with appearance our culture is and religion and the ridiculousness of it. The theme of having a perfect appearance was definitely the most prevalent one in the film. Almost everyone except Mark was hung up on looks and ‘perfect genetic code.’ It was really funny because Gervais’ character basically invented the concept of religion, that was super hilarious (especially for those out there that aren’t too keen on the concept).

The movie was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson. Gervais as the main role was just perfect. His English humor is really funny and he’s got great talent at portraying a lot of different emotions. When I was doing a little research on Gervais I learned he actually writes the U.S. version of “The Office.” Jennifer Garner was also great, she’s good at filling the role of sweet girl man falls in love with. Rob Lowe was actually pretty flat and disappointing in this film. But that may just be my bias because his character was an asshole. Jonah Hill and Tina Fey had small roles that were really funny. Randomly Jason Bateman played a doctor for all of three minutes. That was odd because he’s a great actor and deserves more than three minutes in any role. Jeffrey Tambor (The Hangover) and Louis C.K. (“The Chris Rock Show”) had small roles as well.



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