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The Player

The Player was one of the most entertaining and clever movies I have seen in quite a while. It was a lot of fun to get an inside look into the movie business and watch a plot unfold within a plot. I didn’t know what was going to happen next which kept the movie fresh and suspenseful.

The movie is about Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) a movie producer who’s been receiving death threats from an irate writer. When a fight between another writer turns into a murder, the plot gets more complex as Mill tries to hide what he’s done. Also Mill starts a relationship with the dead guy’s girlfriend.

A common theme throughout the movie was about the film industry struggling to define itself. It went back and forth between not wanting to be cliché but still wanting to have big stars and happy endings. It’s very true of the films produced today, some are quality and some are predictable fluff. I liked the motif of the old movie posters used throughout the film. They all had something to do with prison, murder and crime, which added to the suspense of the movie and wondering whether or not Mill was going to get caught. Another part of the movie I really liked was when Mill listed the necessary elements for having a ‘good’ movie. They were suspense, laughter, violence, hope, heart, nudity, sex and happy endings. The Player had all of the elements. And when thinking about the ultimate movie, I think it’s necessary to have almost, if not all of the above elements, because those are all the entertaining and tear jerking elements a normal viewer wants to experience.

A viewer can take the movie a couple ways. One is it’s just about Griffin Mill and what occurs in the movie is reality, or that the entire movie is actually the movie Mill is making. There’s been some debate that it’s director Robert Altman expressing anger toward the decline of Hollywood (which I believe). The movie was chockfull of quality actors and celebrity cameos, including Cher, Burt Reynolds and John Cusack. Whoopi Goldberg, Fred Ward, Peter Gallagher and Cynthia Stevenson play the main roles alongside Robbins. Like aforementioned, Altman is the director. He’s directed other flicks like Dr. T and the Women, Gosford Park, and McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Definitely a must-see for all film lovers!



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