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The House of the Devil

I still have mixed feelings on the movie The House of the Devil. It’s from 2009, but looks like it was made in the 1980s. That’s one of the reason why I did like. It was retro and I love all things vintage-like.

It’s about a young college student Samantha who takes a short-notice babysitting job. Upon arrival she learns it’s actually an old lady she’s supposed to watch over. A seemingly normal night begins with the girl ordering pizza and shooting some pool. Strange things start to happen as she investigates within the house. Then bam! she wakes up tied up and about to be implanted with some devil seed. She somehow overcomes everyone by killing them and survives … kind of.

I really liked the main character played by Jocelin Donahue. Donahue was in The Burrowers and a few other small roles. Her character was really bold and brave. She reminded me of myself because she was somewhat bull-headed and investigative. The movie’s atmosphere was really creepy. The suspense was almost unbearable, which I liked. I was upset though that the suspense never really paid off. Overall the movie was good but I didn’t feel it delivered in the end. It felt empty and rushed. The supporting roles were definitely creepy. Tom Noonan plays the father of the family needing the babysitter. Noonan has been acting since 1980 and has been in a lot, most recently “Damages.”



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