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The Truth About Cats & Dogs

If you’re looking for a cute yet intelligent romantic comedy, look no further than The Truth About Cats & Dogs. The 1996 comedy starring Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thurman is a story of mistaken identity that could have been completely avoided.

Abby (Garofalo) is  a veterinarian with a radio show. When a caller named Brian (Ben Chaplin) asks her out on a date, she freaks out thinking she’s not hott enough and claims she’s a tall blonde. In steps, Noelle (Thurman), Abby new friend, who pretends to be Abby. A love triangle begins between the three, with each of the women falling for Brian.

While Thurman’s character is a really ditzy girl who can’t eat because it’s too many calories, Garofalo’s character is a real woman. She’s really smart and funny but in a witty, intelligent way.  That is what ultimately sets the two women apart and helps Brian make up his mind. Like all romcoms it’s not a real complex movie, but at least one of the characters has more depth than you usually find in romantic comedies.

The movie was directed by Michael Lehmann, who has a long track record. He directed Heathers, My Giant, 40 Days and 40 Nights, along with a slew of T.V. shows including “Big Love” and “Trueblood.”



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