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The Skeptic

First off, this will be short. The Skeptic was a pretty good ghost story movie, with quite a bit of star power. The movie from 2009 is about Bryan, a lawyer whose aunt died. He separates his wife and moves into his aunt’s huge mansion. The house has a lot of history and he starts remembering things from his past that he had blocked, including an abusive parent. A ghost starts appearing in the house and he seeks help from a local doctor who specializes in natural phenomenon. Bryan is one of the only characters for a lot of the movie so it’s tough to say a whole lot about the others. The movie did a good job showing Bryan’s struggle throughout the movie, whether it be stress at work, the ghost haunting him or troubles with his wife.

Tim Daly stars as Bryan. I’ve loved Daly since the days of “Wings” and thought he did a great job in this flick. He really can be a great actor and it’s a shame he doesn’t get more prominent movie roles. Zoe Saldana from Avatar and Star Trek played a ghost-loving psychic. She was great as a ‘free spirit’ type in this movie, and I was glad to see she hasn’t let her stardom goes to her head and still does smaller roles like this one. Tom Arnold plays Daly’s lawyer partner and he was funny. Arnold is married to the notorious and great Roseanne Barr. Any man that can deal with Roseanne must be pretty easy going. It was also nice to see small roles filled by Bruce Altman, from Matchstick Men and Girl, Interrupted, and Edward Hermann from “Gilmore Girls.”



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