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I was super pumped to see Extract ever sense I saw the trailer. I was sadly disappointed. The movie overall was okay, but it was just boring!!

The movie is about Joel Reynolds (Jason Bateman). He started his own extract bottling business and as he gets closer and closer to selling it a whole bunch of chaotic events start that keep him from early retirement. When I rented the movie I had no idea it was going to be  as silly as it was. I thought it would just be  a witty comedy. Some stupid highlights include Mila Kunis as a con artist, Bateman hiring a gigilo to seduce his wife and a man losing both his genitals. I will say though that the scene pictured above was hilarious!!

In between these un-funny moments was a fair amount of celebrity power. That was pretty much the only redeeming factor. I am a sucker for Bateman and while his character was pathetic at times he was still super cute. Mila Kunis was nice to see though her character was pretty vapid. J.K. Simmons from Juno and “Oz” is usually a really strong actor, but even his character was weak. Ben Affleck was refreshing to see as a stoner bartender. The actress I was pleasantly surprised to see was Kristen Wiig from “Saturday Night Live.” I think she is super funny and she was pretty good in this movie.

The movie was written and directed by Mike Judge. Which is why I was so surprised at how lame the movie was. Judge was the creator of Office Space, he also writes “King of the Hill” and wrote “Beavis and Butt-Head.” I definitely expected more from him!



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