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So I needed some cheering up today and turned to Juno. Man, did it do its job! I love this movie, and really could watch it forever. Juno is the perfect character ever written! She’s hilarious, heartfelt, cynical, rebellious and real. The script of this movie may just be the best ever in my opinion. The writer, Diablo Cody, is soo witty and in tune with human foibles.

The movie is about Juno (Ellen Page), a 16-year-old high school junior who gets pregnant. She decides to put the baby up for adoption. It’s a pretty basic plotline, but with the character interaction comes the complexity. Juno’s baby-daddy Paulie Blecker (Michael Cera) is such an innocent, sweet character. Juno parents Brenda and Mac (Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons) are surprisingly supportive and really loving. The adoptive parents Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner) are the quintessential (im)perfect couple.

I really think anyone could love this movie. As long as your heart is open at least a little, like I said I enjoyed it, you will fall in love with Juno and her wit. The movie’s directed by Jason Reitman. Reitman directed Up in the Air, which we should all know by now was amazing! He also directed another favorite of mine, Thank You for Smoking.



One thought on “Juno

  1. One of the best movies of it’s kind that I have seen. You can’t catch all of the wit and subtly the first time through.

    Posted by derekreeverts | February 26, 2010, 6:01 pm

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