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Valentine’s Day

So last night, on the beloved and despised St. Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend dragged me to see Valentine’s Day, oh wait was that how it went?

Either way I really enjoyed the movie. It was the quintessential romantic comedy. The movie was chockfull of as many plot-lines as A-list actors. I couldn’t even begin to summarize this movie, there’s way too much going on. But I didn’t mind, because as someone obsessed with Hollywood I loved seeing all the stars. Taylor Swift’s acting debut was entertaining. She did a great job parodying ditzy girls. Also, Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher were great in this movie. They played best friends, who end up falling for each other. My favorite scene was Jennifer Garner as Patrick Dempsey’s waitress. It was completely unrealistic that Jessica Biel has a problem getting a date! Jamie Foxx was exceptional funny in this movie I thought.

The movie was directed by Garry Marshall. He’s the ultimate director when it comes to romantic comedies. He’s directed Georgia Rule, The Princess Diaries, Raising Helen, Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, etc. He’s also done a lot of acting … “ER,” Orange County, and personally I recognized him as Drew Barrymore’s boss in Never Been Kissed.

Overall I didn’t think the movie was that romantic. It’s was more funny and dramatic than it was sweet. I didn’t leave the movie feeling warm-hearted and light-headed but enjoyed it.



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