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Blue Velvet

It all started with an ear … Blue Velvet, what a great movie! Ha, the 1986 film from the great and odd David Lynch, was engrossing and I found myself hooked and intrigued very quickly. It was a great mystery movie but also had a love story.

The movie is about a college graduate named Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan), he finds a human ear in a field and after taking it to the police starts investigating on his own. With the help of Sandy (a very young Laura Dern), the detective’s daughter, Jeffrey gets entangled in drugs, killing, and velvet lovin’ sadists. I won’t go too far into the plot because I think it’s better to know less than more going into it.

The movie touched on a lot of themes: insecurity, deception, love, etc. Jeffrey’s character was extremely brave and honorable (well expect for that one time). The cast was a fabulous mix and it was great to see them as young actors. MacLachlan was in “Sex and the City” and “Desperate Housewives.” Laura Dern was so adorable and innocent in this movie. Dennis Hopper though really stood out in this movie. He was psycho and played it well! It was very weird to get used to Hopper as an asshole, druggie because I’m used seeing him in Elegy and Edtv.



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