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In the midst of my final semester at Miami University, I have been crazy-busy, which means I haven’t been watching as many movies as I’d like. Anyway, I recently watched 2007’s [Rec]. It’s the Spanish movie that 2008’s Quarantine is based off of.

It’s about a young reporter and her camera man who accompany a group of firefighters during the night. What begins as a routine day, ends horrificially as the group is called to an apartment complex after residents hear screams from a woman’s room. After entering the complex, the reporter and firefighters are locked in with the residents. The government has quarantined them into the complex because of some type of disease. Craziness ensues as people are bitten and become zombie-esque creatures.

If I hadn’t seen Quarantine a few times already, I probably would have been scared when viewing [Rec]. But nonetheless I wasn’t scared at all. I knew exactly what was going to happen because it was scene for scene like Quarantine, albeit a few details. But trying to put that aside, as a whole the movie was really good. The suspense was less exciting in this one than in its American counterpart. If deciding between the Spanish version, or American, I would just see Quarantine.



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