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The Paper

I finally got to see a movie that’s been on my never-ending list of movies to see. The Paper from 1994 is a movie all journalism loving folk should see! It was really funny and clever, but had some serious tones as well.

The film is about a group fo editors and reporters at The Sun, a newspaper in New York City. The paper struggles to make itself relevant in the midst of The Sentinel, the newspaper that “covers the world.” There are a lot of relationships within this movie, between coworkers, significant others, sources and friends. There was such a large mass of characters that you couldn’t get to really know all of them. Only a few were really focused on, with the others being brushed over. Every character had lots of quirks which made the movie hilarious!

Ron Howard directed the film. I can’t even begin to summarize his career, it’s so expansive! But other outstanding films that he’s directed include A Beautiful Mind, The Missing and Frost/Nixon. The film very accurately portrayed the journalism world, so it really rang true, even to a beginner reporter like myself. The movie illustrated perfectly how truly exciting an important exclusive story can be! The cast was awesome, and it was great to see such established actors in their earlier work. Glenn Close, does a great portrayal of a managing editor who seems to have forgotten why she got into the career in the first place. Michael Keaton also did such a great job as metro desk editor. He’s really the main character and he’s about to have a baby with his wife (Marisa Tomei), a reporter as well. He’s overworked and tensions build as his family is about to be born. Robert Duvall shines like always in The Paper. Randy Quaid, who I recognized from National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation (Cousin Eddie), did a great job. His character was absolutely hilarious and stood out among the many other minor characters.



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