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Midnight Meat Train

Last night I watched Midnight Meat Train. It was the second time I’ve seen it and it was just as tense and exciting the second time around! It’s a film adaptation of a Clive Barker story, which if you know the slightest about him than you know it’s bound to be horrifically creepy and awesome!

The movie is about Leon, a photographer (Bradley Cooper) in New York, who becomes intrigued by a local butcher named Mahogany (Vinnie Jones). Leon follows Mahogany on his nightly subway train rides, snapping photos the whole way. Turns out Mahogany is a killer and catches on to the fact that he’s being stalked. Tensions increase as Mahogany starts stalking Leon, causes him to go crazy. I won’t say anymore because that would ruin the rest of the movie for you! The atmosphere in the movie is really scary and tense.

Vinnie Jones did an absolutely perfect job at being a scary-as-hell, psycho-killer. The actor has been in almost 50 movies, but no other roles really stick out to me. You may recognize him from Hell Ride and X-Men: The Last Stand. His character in this movie was such a stone-cold killer who showed no remorse, but as long as you weren’t in the subway train he wouldn’t kill you. His character was an otherwise tidy, banal, average man. Bradley Cooper did a great job as Leon and it is nice to see him in a more substantial role. I mean he was fabulous in The Hangover but Midnight Meat Train showed that he can indeed act. His progression into more craziness was very convincing. Leslie Bibb, a favorite actress of mine since the days of “Popular” played Leon’s love interest, Maya. Her character was the most annoying I’ve encountered recently. She overacted and was too melodramatic. Brooke Shields and Roger Bart (The Stepford Wives) were good minor characters.



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