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Sherlock Holmes

I went to see Sherlock Holmes Dec. 29 and was very excited to see it. I don’t normally like action flicks, at all, but this movie was fabulous. It had just the right mix of action and character development to entertain those who thrive on action while still appealing to those who like a little more from their characters.

I’m not going to waste too much time on the plot because well, you should already know the gist. Basically it’s a movie about the legendary fictional character Sherlock Holmes, who’s an English detective. He is a hapless drunk that happens to be a genius at solving complex cases. He floats between cases with his roommate and best friend Dr. John Watson. The movie centers around a particular case Holmes and Watson are working on. Lord Blackwood is planning to take over the world with black magic.

The acting was superb! Robert Downey Jr., a personal favorite of mine, portrays Holmes and does an amazing job. He shows the dismay and depression Holmes suffered, but also the sharp wit and camaraderie he felt with Watson. Jude Law plays Watson and also does a great job…the character of Watson is one I think many actors could have easily filled. But not many people could have done Holmes like Downey Jr. did. Rachel McAdams, another personal favorite, portrayed Irene Adler, the temptress and criminal that stole Holmes’ heart. The entire cast worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Guy Ritchie directed the film and not surprisingly did a wonderful job. His track record includes Snatch, RocknRolla and Swept (ekk! on that last one). One thing that was great about this movie was the cinematography. The sweeping shots of scenery were great for putting the movie into the correct context. Also, I don’t usually notice or pay too much attention to sound during movies, but Sherlock Holmes used sound very effectively, especially during fight scenes.



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