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Four Christmases

For this year’s Christmas Eve I watched 2008’s Four Christmases. I had seen the movie when it came out and thought it was so funny I put it on my Christmas list this year. The second time around the movie still delivered a lot of laughs!

The plot is about a couple, Brad and Kate, played by Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Every year around the holidays they take a sweet vacation to places like Fiji and the Bahamas. This year the bad weather causes them to suck it up and visit their four quirky families.

Reese and Vince are great as the main actors in this movie. As a couple they work out wonderfully and you can slowly see the problems start to arise for them once they are around their families. It’s odd how families seem to have that effect on you….Anyway they did a good job portraying the ‘normal’ members of their families. I loved the line, “You really can’t spell families without lies.”

There was a fabulous cast for this movie. Even very minor roles had memorable actors. Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek play Vince’s parents. They bring about some great awkward moments, like Sissy dating Vince’s former best friend. Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers, “Joan of Arcadia”) play Reese’s parents. Surprisingly Voight’s character was the most normal parent. Mary’s character and all of Reese’s aunts play really creepy, desperate cougars. Tim McGraw and Jon Favreau play the UFC-fighting brothers of Vince. Cedric Yarbrough (black cop from “Reno 911!”) and Brian Baumgartner (fat guy from “The Office”) have small roles that are funny.

It was nice throughout the movie to see how much love Brad and Kate have for each other. The couple is against marriage and children but eventually through visiting their families they realize marriage wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. A great part of the movie is the role-playing scenario by Brad and Kate, they are a very creative couple! The movie brings about very memorable quotes, such as, “Let’s open these gifts already I’m losing my buzz.”



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