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Bad Santa

Today I thought, ‘It’s Christmas and what better movie to put me in the holiday spirit than Bad Santa.’ And it certainly worked! The movie, from 2003, is quite enjoyable, especially for those out there who despise all the freaking Christmas craziness.

I had seen the movie a few times before and it’s about a moppy alcoholic named Willie played by Billy Bob Thorton. Every holiday season he and his midget friend, played by Tony Cox, dress up as Santa and an Elf and steal from shopping malls. This year is a little different though because Willie meets a very persistent little kid and a bartender, played by Lauren Graham (“The Gilmore Girls,” Flash of Genius), who develops a crush on him. Now don’t ask me how or why a pretty woman like Lauren Graham would fall for a pathetic drunk. There were also memorable roles by late the John Ritter and Bernie Mac. I find it important to mention that Bad Santa was directed by Terry Zwigoff, who also directed 2001’s Ghost World, which is a personal favorite that I recommend highly!!

Now Billy Bob was basically the perfect pick for this role. I mean a sullen, angry man…he fits the bill perfectly. It was nice to see his crass, asshole character make a change by the end of the movie. The sad, chubby kid that he shacks up with for a while helps soften Billy Bob’s rough edges. I definitely recommend this movie if you want to laugh and don’t get offended easily.



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