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I recently watched the 2009 flick Deadline. Overall I really enjoyed it. It was slow at points but I loved the storyline and it kept me questioning what was going to happen/what really was happening. I like movies that keep me guessing and this one did all the way to the end.

It’s about a young screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house for a week to work on her writing. Not only does she need to concentrate on her writing but she’s trying to get away from an ex-boyfriend. She starts hearing creepy noises and the like and investigates the house further. She finds old videotapes from the previous inhabitants and a mystery-type ghost tale ensues. I won’t reveal anymore!

The main actresses are Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.), as Alice the writer, and Thora Birch, as Lucy Woods. I personally love these two actresses and have since the early days of Clueless and Monkey Trouble. This movie didn’t allow for a whole lot of acting and dialogue because it’s a character in a house alone, but Murphy does a great job playing a creepy woman. The male actor, Marc Blucas from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” didn’t really shine in this movie, but he certainly knows how to play a control freak well.

The movie was written, directed and produced by Sean McConville, and for his first movie he did a pretty good job. The camera shots and lighting was done really well. He did a good job achieving a secluded, isolated feel for Murphy’s character. I would highly recommend this movie for people who like a ghost tale that keeps you guessing.



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