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30 Days of Night

Last night I watched 30 Days of Night, the 2007 adaptation of a comic book written by Steve Niles. This was my second time seeing the film and it is definitely very good! It’s about a small town in Alaska that goes 30 days without sunlight. A group of hungry vampires invade the town looking to kill everyone.

The imagery of the vampires was awesome and (according to a close source) very close to the original imagery in the comic book. It’s good when a movie can be kept very close to its original intent. I can’t emphasize enough how cool the imagery was. Whether it was a birds eye view shot of the town with vampires feasting over bright red slashed bodies on the snow, or the long blood drenched nails of a vampire on a record player, the imagery was freaky!

The movie was directed by David Slade, who directed the badass, amazing 2005 film Hard Candy (see it!) and for all you freaks out there, Slade is slated to direct The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. So it seems he has a pattern of directing films with vampires.

The acting in the movie was very well done and the actors chosen well. Josh Harnett leads the cast as the Sheriff, who is very brave and gives the town the ultimate sacrifice. Melissa George from “Grey’s Anatomy” played Hartnett’s wife and I thought her character was weak. Interestingly enough the movie was filmed throughout  New Zealand so the majority of actors were either Kiwi or Australian. The actors worked well together and the empathy the characters felt for one another was very evident.



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