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House of Wax

I just watched the 2005 remake of House of Wax. While it wasn’t the best horror flick, I was entertained the whole way through. The movie started out at a pretty slow pace but eventually picked up. I liked a lot of the actors, like Chad Michael Murray, Elisa Cuthbert, and Jared Padalecki. But there were still weaker actors like Paris Hilton (I threw in the above photo for comedic relief), and Robert Ri’chard (you would recognize him from “My Cousin Skeeter.”)

The plotline is about a family of freaks who kill people by completely covering them in wax and displaying them in their house which is also made of wax. There’s a group of six friends who camp out on their way to a football game. They get a little curious about a local town and come across the wax house.

Drama and head rollin’ ensues as the group of college students find out more about the town. Overall the movie was entertaining and I really liked the plot line but it was very contrived and not much of the plot, or acting, came naturally. Also the odd mix of characters didn’t vibe together well. It was a weird combination with a hardcore football lover, a girly girl, a car stealer, etc.




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