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Love Happens

Last night I watched 2009’s Love Happens, which I was really excited about after watching the trailer earlier this year. The movie was pretty good overall, the pacing was a little slow. It was a romantic comedy but it went beyond that and focused a lot on death of loved ones and how to properly mourn and overcome it.

The plot is Aaron Eckhart’s character Burke has written a best-selling book about coping with loss after his wife died. He now goes around promoting and hosting workshops. He meets and helps tons of people but his own suffering is still very evident. He has yet to finally face his feelings. He meets Eloise, played by Jennifer Aniston. At first, their dating is awkward but she helps him come to terms with his feelings.

The most touching part of the film was Burke’s interactions with a man named Walter (pictured above). Walter is played by the amazing actor John Carroll Lynch. Walter’s 12-year-old son recently died and he’s having a really hard time coping and even opening up about it. After a turbulent start to their friendship Walter and Burke finally have breakthroughs. Another really touching part was with Burke and the father of his deceased wife. The movie was definitely sweet but not your average light, breezy rom-com.

Aaron Eckhart did a fabulous job portraying a heart-ached, suffering alcoholic who doesn’t know how to let-loose and allow himself to be happy again after his wife’s death. Jennifer Aniston also did a great job. If you are a fan of her you will like her character, but others can take her or leave her. Martin Sheen plays the wife’s father and did a very good portrayal of a mourning father.



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