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The Road

I recently went to see The Road and after having read the book by Cormac McCarthy I was extremely excited to see this movie. But I was weary at the same time because of how much I loved the book — I didn’t want to be disappointed. I was soo pleased after seeing the movie, it lived … Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes

I went to see Sherlock Holmes Dec. 29 and was very excited to see it. I don’t normally like action flicks, at all, but this movie was fabulous. It had just the right mix of action and character development to entertain those who thrive on action while still appealing to those who like a little more … Continue reading

Now and Then

I reminisced today with 1995’s Now and Then. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, I was 7 when it was released. Watching it again today I can still say it’s one of my favorites. It’s interesting how many little details and scenes you remember after so many years. The movie takes place in … Continue reading

Bad Santa

Today I thought, ‘It’s Christmas and what better movie to put me in the holiday spirit than Bad Santa.’ And it certainly worked! The movie, from 2003, is quite enjoyable, especially for those out there who despise all the freaking Christmas craziness. I had seen the movie a few times before and it’s about a … Continue reading

Four Christmases

For this year’s Christmas Eve I watched 2008’s Four Christmases. I had seen the movie when it came out and thought it was so funny I put it on my Christmas list this year. The second time around the movie still delivered a lot of laughs! The plot is about a couple, Brad and Kate, played … Continue reading

Brittany Murphy

Since it is movie related, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a post to Brittany Murphy. I will admit when I first heard that she died (via a Facebook.com status update) I sprinted to a computer with teary eyes to verify. My first exposure to Brittany Murphy was at the tender age of … Continue reading

Public Enemies

I recently saw 2009’s Public Enemies, about the life, death and scheming of John Dillinger. Johnny Depp plays Dillinger and does a good job portraying the notorious bank robber. There was a lot of hype for this movie but as I watched I found myself bored. For a movie about a smooth-talking bank robber there wasn’t … Continue reading

The Ugly Truth

I watched The Ugly Truth from 2009 and I really enjoyed it. It’s a typical romantic comedy but once the characters started developing I became invested in them. The movie is about a TV producer, Abby, played by Katherine Heigl. A new guy named Mike, played by Gerard Butler, comes to work at her station. … Continue reading


I recently watched the 2009 flick Deadline. Overall I really enjoyed it. It was slow at points but I loved the storyline and it kept me questioning what was going to happen/what really was happening. I like movies that keep me guessing and this one did all the way to the end. It’s about a … Continue reading

30 Days of Night

Last night I watched 30 Days of Night, the 2007 adaptation of a comic book written by Steve Niles. This was my second time seeing the film and it is definitely very good! It’s about a small town in Alaska that goes 30 days without sunlight. A group of hungry vampires invade the town looking … Continue reading

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