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Paranormal Activity

On Friday I finally went to see Paranormal Activity. I was super excited to see this movie because I love, love, love scary movies. There was tons of hype surrounding this movie and I was excited that I would finally see a movie that actually scared me, since movies usually don’t. Well, I was sorely … Continue reading

In the Bedroom

I recently screened the 2001 film In the Bedroom directed by Todd Field. This was my second time viewing the film and it is wonderful! One word to describe this film: TENSE. The movie is about a soon-to-be-divorced woman played by Marisa Tomei. She does such a wonderful job portraying the confident, yet vulnerable Natalie. … Continue reading

Me You Them

So I screened the film Eu Tu Eles, a.k.a. Me You Them for a class and I wasn’t impressed. The plot line is a very sad story about a woman who has four children all from different men. Darlene is the main character and she marries Osias, a cold man who treats her like a … Continue reading

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